Motor Vehicles
Usage Areas

Machines and equipments of factories and workshops, CNC lathes and milling machines, automation control and power distribution boards/panels, transformer and accumulator rooms, etc.

Mine vehicles, trucks and lorries, engine cabinets and other compartments of local and intercty buses and vans, etc.

Locomotives, vagons, train staions,  control rooms, maintenance and repair workshops, signalisation, navigation control centers.

Engine rooms, load warehouses, speedboats, super yachts, sailboats, sea trailers and control rooms.

According to the United Nations decision, it has been made compulsory for the Fire Extinguishing Systems to be used in buses and the condition of fire systems to be UNECE R107 certified. TSE has certified its first and only R107 certificate by giving it to HAFEX Hybrid Aerosol Extinguishing Systems.

Power Distribution
Usage Areas

Transformers, main switch rooms, cable tunnels and canals, electrical cabinets and panels, power distrubiton facilities , power generator tribunes and so on.

Usage Areas

Server rooms and cabinets, data storage and data processing areas, GSM base stations and switching centers, radio link stations and other similar places.

Usage Areas

Suspended ceilings and raised floors, attics, garrages, offices, warehouses, depots, etc.

Oil & Gas
Usage Areas

Pump-valve and filling stations and rooms, machine fields, petrochemistry and gas pipe line systems, control and remote rooms, etc.